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How do I use your products in the best way?

Answer: It depends on what you want to clean/achieve. Duschrent (Shower Clean) is a professional bathroom spray/ cleaning agent which was originally developed for the remediation of hotels . Especially adapted to the quickest and most efficient way to clean wet areas, bathrooms, joints, water rinse, soap residue. It removes dirt, soap scum, mold and black mold in the best way .
Spray on and let it sit, then rinse off. Repeat as necessary .

Kalkrent (Lime Scale remover) is a bathroom spray/clening agent with unique features to use against lime. Clean the glass, tile, clinker with 100 % results.
Spray the middle of the shower wall/glass. Avoid spraying on profiles of metal/aluminum. Let sit and rinse off. In extreme pålagring use Lime Pure together with Crystal Ball . Repeat if necessar .

Impregnator (protector) is a cleaning agent/bathroom sprayused on new or treated/cleaned surfaces. Works on all surfaces that can withstand water, shower enclosures, tiles, mixers etc .Spray on, let sit and rinse with water. After treatment, you notice that the water gurgles up and runs off the surface.
Use on new or cleaned surfaces and the surface will stay new and fresh for long. Repeat the treatment when the effect wears off. 2-3 weeks is sorted reasonable time intervals depending on how often/exposed the surface is. Shower Scrape is advantageously used between treatments to prolong the effect .

Bathroom is a Unique Products in itself, a cleaning agent as advantageously used in the daily cleaning of the bathroom. A product that cleans, polishes and protects in one treatmet.. Take a small amount on a sponge with some water. Spread  on the surface to be cleaned and polish in.
Let sit for a while and then rinse off . The cleaned surface get an extra surface that protects against future wear. The surface also becomes water repellent. Because the cleaning agent is so gentle it can be advantageously used in cultured marble , porcelain , mixers, chrome surfaces, glass , tiles, clinker.

How do you work with the environmental?

Answer: All of our cleaning products are manufactured locally in Sweden . All cleaning products follow the EU Detergent directive and are of course biodegradable.
Since cleaning products are highly concentrated and as efficient as they are , you as a consumer do not use such a large amount of cleaning agent and then the impact on the environment as much less.
Highly concentrated means smaller packages weighing less which leads to a more efficient logistics. Less environmental impact simply .
All our products are also available as refills if desired. Safety data is of course
available of all our products. Do not hesitate to contact us if you hve any questions.

Are there other ways to clean tiles and shower walls ?

Svar: Answer: Absolutely, there are old wives' tale/cleaning tips to get to. To remove stains may be used citric acid and water.
Lime stains and calcium deposits can be removed with vinegar. You will then heat up the vinegar and then rinse off .

Although in the shower may be used a mixture of citric acid and water to remove discoloration. Joints can be cleaned with vinegar.
If you have rust or other deposits in the toilet, you can pour Coca Cola in. Let it stand over the night and then flush.

But the best tips is of course to keep for example the shower with a shower scrape so that the soap residue and lime deposits do not settle .